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MIRO: Connect

Calling all Musicians

Are you looking for an opportunity to develop your professional networks and musicianship? 

Manchester International Roots Orchestra is launching MIRO:Connect, an exciting new professional development programme for 6 talented and confident Manchester-based musicians (including singers).  We're particularly keen to work with musicians from diverse global musical traditions.



Across 6 sessions musicians will work alongside MIRO’s music director Michael Cretu and skilled team to:

  • Identify strengths and areas for improvement in your performing and musicianship

  • Develop individual and ensemble playing

  • Explore how to adjust to different musical styles 

  • Develop improvisation skills

  • Develop performance skills 

  • Meet other musicians and create music together

  • Share and explore other musical heritages.


You’ll also be invited to attend monthly MIRO rehearsals, giving the opportunity to meet MIRO musicians and to rehearse with the ensemble. There may be opportunities to perform with the MIRO ensemble during and/or after the project. We’ll also connect you to other arts and music organisations across Greater Manchester and keep you updated with any relevant opportunities.



We’ll also discuss your individual career goals providing bespoke advice/support in topics such as: 

  • Musical facilitation in different settings ie. schools, older people, wider community engagement or for the learning and physically disabled.

  • Securing funding

  • Seeking paid engagements

  • Combining music with other art forms

  • Social media, marketing and websites

Each participant will receive a bursary of £500.


This is a 6-month long programme with 6 MIRO:Connect sessions and 6 MIRO ensemble rehearsals. 


To register your interest or find out more please contact:

Or call 07891 439704 

By the 1st May

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